Brick Pointing

HK Builders is Queens’ premiere home renovations and construction contractor. We offer a wide range of construction services for both commercial and residential properties all across New York and beyond, including brick pointing. Brick pointing, often known as tuckpointing, is an important process when it comes to repairing and restoring the mortar joints in a property’s brickwork. Over time, mortar joints can degrade due to weathering, age, and other factors. This can cause water and air to penetrate into your property, causing further damage, and affecting your property’s overall brickwork. This can damage your property’s overall aesthetic, and the structural integrity, while also increasing your utility bills.

How Does Brick Pointing Work?
The process of brick pointing involves removing the damaged or degraded mortar from the joints and replacing it with new mortar that is carefully matched to the existing mortar in color and texture. This process requires skill and precision to ensure that the new mortar is applied in a uniform manner and that the final product has a seamless appearance.

Benefits of Brick Pointing
For many properties, especially older ones, masonry work can degrade over time. And one of the primary benefits of brick pointing is that it can extend the life of a brick structure. When mortar joints are cracked or missing, water can penetrate the bricks and cause them to deteriorate over time – causing leaks, heating issues and more. By repairing these joints, we can prevent further damage and keep the structure in good condition for years to come.

Brick pointing also offers a lot of aesthetic benefits for a residential or commercial property. Over time, the mortar joints between bricks can become discolored, making the building look old and worn. Brick pointing allows us to give your property a fresh, clean look that will make it more attractive to potential buyers or tenants.

Brick Pointing Services from HK Builders!
At HK Builders, we strive to complete each and every project on time and within budget, through a careful and thorough contracting process. We offer a service that’s highly communicative, helping clients to see their project through from start to finish!

  • Assessment: We make sure to conduct a careful and thorough assessment of the brickwork to determine the extent of the damage and the overall needs of your brick pointing project.
  • Technique: At HK, our experienced team has the knowledge and understanding of a number of different brick pointing techniques, depending on the specific needs of your project.
  • Mortar: A vital aspect of any brick pointing project or brickwork in general, we make sure to choose a mortar that is carefully matched to the existing mortar in color and texture.
  • Building Codes: With each and every project, we ensure that all brickwork is installed in accordance with local building codes and regulations. Saving you possible fines and construction delays.

In addition to brick pointing, we also offer a wide range of other construction services, including roofing, siding, and much more.

With over 10 years of experience in the industry, HK Builders is NYC’s premiere construction contractor, offering high quality work for both commercial and residential properties! We combine our high level experience, and quality customer service to ensure that each and every project is completed on time and within budget. Plus, with HK Builders, we offer a 12 year warranty on your project, so you can be sure your project is done right and maintain the quality of your home or building for years to come! For more information on brick pointing and other services, or to get your project assessment, be sure to contact HK Builders today.

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